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MALTA Joined the European Union 1st.May 2004

The Celebrations held in Malta for EU Accession on 1st May 2004highlighted the blue sea horizons around the Maltese Islands with the imaginative use of laser beans and fireworksTens of thousands of Maltese & tourists lined up the bastions and vantage points to see a splendid light show in the Grand Harbour, broadcast throughout Europe,  


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PM addresses The Nation

May 1 2004


Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi on Saturday evening addressed the nation for the first time since Malta officially became a member of the European Union.

In the recorded address, Prime Minister Gonzi described Malta's accession to the European Union as the completion of a mission that the country had embarked upon when it gained independence 40 years ago. He said that at the time, Prime Minister Gorg Borg Olivier had seen this development as a chance for Malta to re-join the family that it belonged to - Europe.

Prime Minister Gonzi said that the European Union was a mosaic of different cultural identities and that the integration of different identities is one of its principal points of strength. He said that the Union's acceptance of Malta's request for the adoption of the Maltese language as an official language of the EU was a clear example of this.

Prime Minister Gonzi in his address said that besides being a mosaic, the European Union was also an ongoing project of unity between countries that are "sailing in the waves of globalisation". He said that besides taking advantage of the opportunities that globalisation presents, the member countries have to dampen the negative effects of this phenomenon. "That is why the Union is built on two principal pillars - solidarity and subsidiarity," the Prime Minister said. "We want to be part of this project because we want to share our goals with those of the other members of the Union."

The Prime Minister also referred to the Mediterranean dimension of the Union. He said that this dimension is being strengthened with our country's accession and Malta's project to build peace in the Mediterranean will garner further vigour.

Prime Minister Gonzi concluded his address by stating that though Malta has achieved its aim of joining the European Union, this is the dawn of a time full of new challenges.

European Union Enlargement Day Celebrations

On 1 May 2004, large parts of Eastern and Western Europe will be united in peace and democracy as the EU expands to 25 Member States. Ten new countries are joining the European Union - Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia. Numerous events, organised by the European Institutions, EU Governments and the private sector, are taking place across Europe to mark the historic Enlargement.

"May 1st 2004 is a historic day for Europe, when we welcome into the EU family 10 new member countries and 75 million new EU citizens. Five decades after our great project of European integration began, the divisions of the Cold War are gone - once and for all", said Romano Prodi, European Commission President. "Our new members bring to the Union the cultures and diversity of 10 countries with distinct historical roots stretching back through the centuries. The peoples of Europe are celebrating EU enlargement in a series of cultural events from the west coast of Ireland to the eastern border of Poland, and from Valletta in the south to the northernmost tip of Finland. Europeans are celebrating the fact that they are no longer kept apart by artificial ideological barriers. We share the same destiny and we are stronger when we act together. United in diversity, we can work more effectively for safety and prosperity for all. As Prime Minister Ahern said recently in Prague: 'Enlargement is about opening minds as well as borders'. I urge all Europeans to join in the celebrations of this astonishing achievement."

Gala Concert from Berlin, Warsaw and Malta, 30 April

On the eve of Enlargement, there will be a gala concert with some of the most popular artists from the new Member States performing live to a television audience of millions across Europe and beyond. Organised by the European Broadcasting Union with the support of the European Commission, this will culminate in a spectacular midnight firework display from Malta harbour. The concert can be seen live in most EU countries and further afield.

The two hour show will be a tour of new Europe through an exhibition of music of all genres, dance and cultural heritage. Mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli, one of the most successful classical artists of our time, will perform in the Berliner Konzerthaus. Bartoli's latest CD was number one in the classical charts for weeks. The Open air stage in Warsaw will host the Latvian group Brainstorm, Estonia's Neiokõsõ, Michalis Hadjiyiannis from Cyprus, the Hungarian Cotton Club Singers, Poland's Blue Café and Rozmarinke from Slovenia. There will be more classical music from Berlin, with Slovakia's Jenis Dalibor, Lukáš Vondrácek from the Czech Republic, Lithuania's Violeta Urmana and the European Union Youth Orchestra playing under the leadership of Conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy (former director of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin's German Symphony Orchestra and chief conductor of the Czech Philharmonic).

Special guests such as Olympic ice skating champion Katarina Witt and composer Mikis Theodorakis will introduce the artists and present videos from each new Member State. There will also be a special guest appearance by the Turkish singer Sertab. The show will reach its peak with spectacular midnight fireworks from Malta harbour directed by Gert Hof and set to the music of former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters.

Enlargement Ceremony, 1 May

The Irish Presidency of the European Union will stage a ceremony in Dublin to mark the historic enlargement, attended by the Heads of State and Government of all 25 EU Member States.

Other Events

A huge variety of events, large and small, ranging from concerts and exhibitions to food fairs, debates and border exchanges, are being organised all across Europe.

TV stations showing the EU Enlargement Gala Concert, 30?April 2004

Albania - RTV
Austria - ORF
Belgium - RTBF
Bosnia and Herzegovina - PBS
Croatia - HRT
Cyprus - CBC
Czech Republic - CT
Denmark - DR
Estonia - ETV
Finland - YLE
France - FR3
Germany - ZDF
Greece - ERT
Hungary - MTV
Ireland - RTE
Kosovo - RTK
Latvia - LT
Lithuania - LT
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - RTV
Malta - PBS
The Netherlands - NOS
Norway - NRK
Poland - TVP
Portugal - RTP
Romania - TVR
Serbia and Montenegro - UJRT
Slovakia - STV
Slovenia - TVS
Spain - TVE
Sweden - SVT
Turkey - TRT
Ukraine - NTU
United Kingdom - BBC

Also: ARTE (several countries)
Republic of Korea - KBS